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Associated Student Body - ASB

ASB (Associated Student Body) is all about fostering a sense of connection and school spirit among students. ASB aims to create a tight-knit community within the school through various organized activities and events. Our primary goal is to unify students, boost school spirit, and ensure everyone feels engaged and connected to the school experience. 

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National Honor Society Club

The RAHS National Honor Society is built on four pillars - Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Our chapter focuses on providing opportunities for students to build on these values and grow as active community members. Students engage in a variety of projects, such as volunteer work at food banks and animal shelters, organizing the biannual BloodWorks blood drive, planning school events, and peer tutoring. Additionally, students are encouraged to develop their own passion projects. In turn, students must maintain a high academic standard and accumulate a set number of event and liaison credits each semester.  

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NHS website:

UAV Club

The Unmanned Aerial Systems team builds drones and has the opportunity to enter into competition at the state and national level. Here are some of the other benefits of joining this team:

  • Obtain flight hours and learn real-world applications for unmanned systems

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest technology

  • Partner with Purdue University and earn possible credits for the Intro to Unmanned Aerial Systems course

  • Join and participate in the Drone club at RAHS

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is Raisbeck Aviation High School’s sport for those who want to have fun while staying in shape and is easy to pick up. It has a heavy focus on team building and sportsmanship, and dedicated members have the opportunity to compete in games and tournaments. Games are played all around Seattle with some day trips in the mix such as tournaments, ferry rides, and short road trips. Players are able to fulfill their P.E. credits through the school for a great athletic experience open to anyone. Email to learn more and get started with the team.

Green Energy Team

RAHS Green Energy Team is comprised of a group of young engineers who are eager to bring design, build, test and refine clean, renewable energy technology. From 2015-18, the team designed and built model wind turbines to compete in the National Kid Wind and the Collegiate Wind Challenges.  This year, they have turned their sights to building a solar-powered car from the ground up. Group members specialize in a wide range of disciplines including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication, Aerodynamics, Project Management, Financial Administration, and Outreach. Find more information and view their progress on their website.

Women in Aviation

Women in Aviation International (WAI) is a club that empowers women who aspire to go into the aviation industry to follow their dreams. WAI provides a place for women at our school with similar passions to come together and motivate each other. In this club, we focus on helping women exploring different careers in STEM, and we discuss and research different college options and career opportunities. Our executive team works on getting in touch with different guest speakers that can come in and inspire the girls in our club. We are active in the community and are always searching for new volunteer opportunities in order to encourage students at RAHS to become future philanthropists. We also make it our mission to attend different conferences and events surrounding females in the work industry such as Women Fly, Alaska Airlines Aviation day, as well as other Women in Aviation sponsored events. One of our goals this year is to host an RAHS Stem day, a day in which middle school girls are able to recognize that their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math, correlate with a career. Overall, we hope to inspire our fellow women to find their path and follow the dreams. 

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