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About Us


Our Mission

At Raisbeck Aviation High School (RAHS) the sky is not the limit! That requires a deep sense of community and belonging across students, families, caregivers, and educators. Our RAHS PTSA mission is to be the engine to enable and support our students, teachers, and caregivers in such a journey.


As parent-volunteer leaders, our responsibility is to contribute to an amazing RAHS school life and experience. As the RAHS PTSA, we strive to create opportunities to collaborate, build rapport, and discuss ideas,  concerns, and experiences with and for all our members and be an avenue for you to share what is on your mind. 

Our Values

All RAHS PTSA members, volunteers, and partners have a shared responsibility to align their efforts toward the achievement of our association’s initiatives, based on:


We will work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to broaden and enhance our ability to serve and advocate for all children and families.


We are dedicated to students educational success, health, and well-being through strong family and community engagement.


We acknowledge the potential of everyone without regard, of age, culture, economic status, educational background, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, legal status, marital status, mental ability, national origin, organizational position, parental status, physical ability, political philosophy, race, religion, sexual orientation, and work experience.


We value the individual contributions of members, employees, volunteers, and partners as we work collaboratively to achieve our association’s goals.

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